Evangelism: How Is Your Family Doing?


by Parent Partnership


Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It

by Alvin Reed

You were born for this.

God hardwired you–yes, you–for this.

I’m talking about sharing Jesus with others.

What if I told you evangelism is less about delivering a polished presentation & more about having a real conversation?

What if I told you that God has created you to bring glory to himself by sharing Jesus with others, & that you don’t need years of training to obey what he already made you to do?

God created you for his glory to advance his gospel with the gifts, talents, & opportunities he gave you. You live at this time in history for a purpose bigger than yourself. In these pages you will read how to connect the gospel story with your story, & how to talk about that story in normal conversations with people you know.

No gimmicks.

Nothing clever.

No need to freak out.

Just you, Jesus, & others–in conversations that matter.

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Leading Your Child to Jesus: How Parents Can Talk with Their Kids about Faith

by David Staal

What will you say when your child asks how Jesus can fit inside his heart? Here’s help with responding in words your little one will understand. Leading Your Child to Jesus equips you with the simple, effective communication tools that will help you discuss salvation with your child. They’ve been proven through David Staal’s years with Willow Creek Community Church’s Promiseland children’s ministry & through his personal experiences as a parent.

Learn how to share you own salvation story, explain the gospel in kid-friendly language, & lead your child in a prayer of salvation. Based on examples from the book of Acts, Leading Your Child to Jesus provides you with key biblical concepts on effective communication & includes exercises to help you put those concepts into action.The enormity of leading your child to Christ doesn’t have to leave you tongue-tied. You can help your little one make the most important decision of his or her life–the decision to follow Jesus.

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