Senior Pastor Search Update | Phase 3


The Senior Pastor search is moving forward, full steam ahead! Grace Baptist Church has recently transitioned to Phase Three of the Pastor Search Process. In what follows you will find a summary of the work accomplished in phase two and an update on what is underway in Phase Three.

Phase 2 Accomplished

In Phase Two, the Pastor Search Committee (PSC) worked with the Elders to ensure the Senior Pastor opportunity at Grace Baptist Church is visible to the types of candidates who might match the Senior Pastor profile. In order to recruit broadly and develop a strong candidate pool, the PSC pursued a threefold strategy of searching for candidates.

  1. All individuals recommended to the PSC or to the Elders by Grace Baptist Church members have been contacted to explore their interest. Some have graciously declined while others have responded with intent for prayerful consideration. This avenue ensures the desires and connections of our congregation are pursued.
  2. Several long-time friends of GBC and well-networked individuals in a variety of churches, denominations, and ministry networks were contacted to ensure their awareness of our Senior Pastor search in order to cultivate leads from trusted sources. This avenue ensures we are proactively seeking candidates who are likely to be a good fit with our Senior Pastor profile and that we are benefitting from those who already have some understanding of GBC.
  3. The position has been publicly posted with seven institutions that train pastors, as well as posting with several church networks or denominations that are like-minded with GBC. This avenue provides broad exposure in building a candidate pool.

The goal of all three avenues of this strategy is to build a robust candidate pool over the coming weeks. So far, the response of candidates applying has been strong. By God’s grace, the man the Lord desires to shepherd our congregation will be drawn to us in this group of applicants.

Phase 3 Underway

With the above accomplished, the PSC is excited to now be in Phase Three of the search process. As applications are coming in, the work of the PSC turns to evaluating the initial applications and resumes. The process is to utilize the Senior Pastor profile and job description as the criteria by which to progressively narrow the candidate pool. The committee will also listen to sermons and perform social media checks with consideration to the applicants’ strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit. This process will last several weeks as the inflow of applications is met with the corresponding careful consideration of the PSC.

Phase 3 Goal

After the completed review of all prospects and applicants, the committee will forward the top 5-10 candidates to the Elders for consideration.  In turn, it is anticipated the Elders will provide back to the PSC the top 3 candidates for the committee to individually engage at a deeper level. Please continue to pray for the applicants engaging our process, for the Search Committee, and for the Elders.