Our Story

Our purpose is to exalt the name of God the Father, increase the fame of Jesus Christ, & fan the flame of the Holy Spirit.

A Haven

We aim to be a place where those who need to know God can meet Him & where those who need His healing touch can experience it through fellowship & instruction.

We offer opportunities to people of all ages called to be disciples of Jesus, anchored in our Sunday morning gatherings.

Our Anchors




Who We Are

We've put together a series of short videos to help acquaint you with who we are–our beliefs, backgrounds, & practices–especially if you're considering membership.

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Our Beliefs

We believe truths that believers through the ages have considered essential for orthodox Christian faith as given in the Scriptures. Members of our church family affirm these truths.

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Core Values

The fabric of Grace is woven with 6 common threads that we strive to weave into every ministry, program, activity, & pursuit. These threads all come together to form the colorful fabric that we call Grace.

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We would love to meet you! Find out more about Grace's leadership & staff.

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Our Missionaries

We support efforts to share the Gospel all over the world. Meet the people & agencies that we help.

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