Phase Six Update


The Senior Pastor Search Process has entered Phase 6!

This new phase is exciting news because it means the Elders and Senior Pastor Search Committee have advanced a candidate to the congregation for consideration. This part of the process is the culmination of an incredible amount of very careful work, and we are grateful to the Lord for His provision in leading us to this point.

Members of Grace Baptist Church have access to several resources which provide information about the candidate. These resources include biographical information, written resources, a forum during which more information was shared and initial questions were pursued with representatives from the Elder Council and Senior Pastor Search Committee. Of course, any church member is encouraged to talk with an Elder or Senior Pastor Search Committee member with any questions. Further resources will continue to be shared in the weeks ahead, culminating in a visit to Grace by the candidate and his family Wednesday through Monday, September 22-27. He will preach a sermon on that Sunday, September 26 – merging right in with our Matthew series – and there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with him and his family.

Please continue to pray as we enter this very important time of discernment.