Harvest Offering

Above & Beyond

Harvest Offering is a yearly opportunity for us to give above & beyond our regular giving to support strategic projects all over the world. Join us when we give out of our abundance in gratitude to God's abundant provision.

You can give to Harvest Offering anytime online through Dec. 31.



Collected To-Date



Projects are funded in order of listing.

Overage projects are funded based on the amount of money received over the amount of the original Harvest Offering goal.

Development and Sustainability
Funding Level: $40,000

In partnership with Jim and Rachel Chambers, LEAD has put together a request for a building to house a sawmill in Zambia. This developmental project is exciting because it will provide support for a new church plant in the area in a sustainable, replicable way. The partnership between ministries of some of our sent ones, Phil McDonald and Jim and Rachel Chambers, is an exciting piece to this project as well.

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New Missionary Training
Funding Level: $15,048

The family we recently voted to send and support as missionaries has a number of trainings required left before they can depart for the field in 2022. Alongside Grace’s regular support, they have brought to us the cost of their 30-day, pre-field training at Missionary Training Institute (MTI), and a 10-day, pre-field training at their home office. These two trainings will cover topics such as language acquisition, culture shock, the first year on the field, and working with a missionary team. 

Church Planting Survey Work
Funding Level: $16,800

Kaifa has identified three key leaders to do survey work for potential church plants over the next few years. Our project would be to support all three individuals including salaries, cost of a vehicle, and travel expenses. This would build a foundation for more meaningful church ministry in historically hard to reach areas in which Kaifa often works.

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Theological Education
Funding Level: $8,560

Kevin and Tia Reilly have faithfully ministered in Costa Rica for many years. In 2017, Kevin began working with an institution called Biblical Institutes of the Americas and the Caribbean (IBAC). IBAC is a ministry focused on meeting the needs of theological education for pastors all over the world. Our project total would fund two modules of their theological training program in Costa Rica and provide the option for teachers from Grace to be involved in these training pieces of the Reilly’s ministry.

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Theological Education and Immersion Experience
Funding Level: up to $28,500

The Kains have approached us with a two-fold project for Harvest this year. First, we would help to fund some theological education modules that Dan will be leading in the coming year. This ongoing ministry of connecting with places that desperately need God’s Word is vital and core to Tri-M’s ministry. Second, this would help fund Dan and Shannon’s 3-month immersion experience that Tri-M has recommended as part of their ongoing missionary training.

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Local Project: Ongoing Maintenance and Support
Funding Level: $15,000

Safe Harbor has asked for our help in both repairing their roof, which is getting very old, and help with some ongoing maintenance costs for their aging buildings.  Our gift would also help keep a part-time maintenance worker on staff to help implement and oversee these repairs.

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In the event that our giving exceeds our goal, we have decided to adopt the local community project of the Cedarville Community Park splash pad for this year’s Harvest Offering. Up to $20,000 of giving that exceeds the amount necessary for our six main projects will be given towards the park project.