Harvest Offering 2022

Above & Beyond

Harvest Offering is a yearly opportunity for us to give above & beyond our regular giving to support strategic projects all over the world. Join us when we give out of our abundance in gratitude to God's abundant provision.

You can give to Harvest Offering anytime online through Dec. 31.




Projects are funded in order of listing.

The Overage project is funded based on the amount of money received over the amount of the original Harvest Offering goal.

1. New Medical Equipment
Funding Level: $10,000

Josh and Beth Paulick serve with ABWE in Togo, West Africa at the hospital there. The hospital’s ministry reaches the surrounding villages and each patient is approached by the hospital’s chaplains with the hope of the gospel. The hospital has had many colonoscopes that have not worked and without these tools, it becomes difficult to treat anyone with gastrointestinal bleeding. They have often had to send people elsewhere for this specific need. Our money would provide enough for two colonoscopes to assist the work of the Paulicks in Togo.

2. Theological Education Sponsorships
Funding Level: $38,750

Jim and Karen Blumenstock work alongside Asia Biblical and Theological Seminary in Thailand and their ministry to provide theological education to pastors and ministry leaders who don’t have access to it. Jim teaches and serves as the dean at the seminary. Our money would go to sponsoring a modular approach to their education offered at the Ma La refugee camp in Thailand. We would be able to sponsor 10 students through their 2.5 year program via the scholarships we are sponsoring.

3. Pastoral Training Center
Funding Level: $40,000

Justin and Jenna Dodson are working with some previous connections in the Ivory Coast to come alongside a recent church plant to build a pastoral training center on the church’s property. Our money would help build this training center where pastors and missionaries come to be trained, sent out, and brought back for encouragement and follow-up. The plan includes both the planning and drawing up of the idea and the implementation of the build for $40,000.

4. Ministry Trip Sponsorship
Funding Level: $15,000

Brian and Mandi Hanson—In his work with Capitol Ministries, Brian takes various trips throughout the year to identify, strategize with, and disciple ministry leaders on how to effectively reach out to people serving in the political arenas in their country. Each trip costs approximately $5,000 and covers airfare, food, other travel expenses, scholarships for national pastors who want to attend these trainings, but cannot afford to on their own.

5. First Grade Classroom
Funding Level: up to $5,129.89

Junior and Annelise DeRosa run a Christian school in Garopaba, Brazil. The ministry of this school is in education and in ministry to the surrounding people as well. The funds provided from Grace would provide enough to renovate their whole 1st grade classroom in order to provide a better learning environment for first grade. This would be their first year branching out into elementary school from being a preschool previously.

6. Camp Ministry
Funding Level: $5,000

Aaron and Anne Bowes serve in Halle, Germany, doing evangelism and mercy ministries there. Their serving at a soup kitchen and train station has led to lots of conversations with local people who need the gospel. They took a retreat last year away to a Christian camp with these seekers and had a wonderful time presenting the gospel to them during their daily chapels and sharing time together. Our monies would provide all the necessary funds for this trip to happen again in 2023.

OVERAGE: A Church Van for Gospel Peace Church
Funding Level: $30,000

Gospel Peace Church, located in Utah, has been a two-time partner with our student ministry and their summer trips. Our youth go to an event put on by Gospel Peace called Plant Camp where they assist in reaching out to locals, learn about church planting, and learn about sharing their faith with others. Gospel Peace Church is looking for a church van to assist in helping with various ministries in the church including hauling their trailer for Sunday morning setup, helping their college age ministry, meet transportation needs in their church body, and take survey trips for future church plants. Our $30,000 would give them enough to purchase a 15-passenger van to use for all of these ministries.