Harvest Offering

Above & Beyond

Harvest Offering is a yearly opportunity for us to give above & beyond our regular giving to support strategic projects all over the world. Join us when we give out of our abundance in gratitude to God's abundant provision.

You can give to Harvest Offering anytime online through Dec. 31.



Collected To-Date



Projects are funded in order of listing.

Perkins and Pioneer Exploration
Funding Level: $13,800

Phil and Abigail Perkins are finishing language school and preparing to launch a mission to unreached people groups in Asia. The money we are giving to them will help provide things such as plane tickets, solar panels, a generator, and other equipment to sustain their home.

About Perkins

Tri-M and Modules of Theological Education
Funding Level: $30,600

Our gift will support one year of modular training at three locations; Nepal, Russia, and Costa Rica.  The project covers the cost of the course materials, travel to the modules for both the missionaries and the attendees, and food.  By looking to instill God’s Word into the lives of people, these missionaries are training up a pool of disciples to go out and reproduce this ministry on their own in the years ahead all over the world.

About Tri-M

First Year of Language School
Funding Level: $20,000

One of our missionaries has the chance to take a brief hiatus from her normal work to pursue language school. Our gift will cover the costs of language school and living expenses.

WAR Sewing Project in India
Funding Level: $21,000

Phil and Becky McDonald run Women at Risk, or WAR International, a women’s ministry program designed to equip women in India with job skills focused around sewing, and also present them with the gospel. Our gift will help with the start up costs of opening a new sewing center to spread this discipleship ministry to another area in India.

About WAR International

Local Outreach - Cedarville Township Fire Department
Funding Level: $10,000

Due to COVID-19, our local fire department had to cancel their golf scramble and pancake breakfast, two of their main fundraisers each year. Because of this, the leadership at Grace thought it would be great to acknowledge the service and safety they provide our community with a harvest offering gift.

About the Fire Department