Summer Camp 2023

June 4th - 8th, 2023

Camp Overview

We are excited to host our own summer camp in June of 2023 at Scioto Hills Baptist Camp! Current 2nd-8th grade students are eligible to register for one of two camps we will offer simultaneously: elementary school age camp (grades 2-5) and middle school age camp (grades 5-8). Kids in 5th grade this year will have the opportunity to pick which camp they would like to attend. Please consider joining us for this amazing opportunity to learn more about God, spend time with people from our church, and grow in your faith! Keep reading for more information about registration, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and a packing list.

Camp Registration

Click the link below to officially register for summer camp. Please submit your deposit to the church office in order to officially secure your spot. Summer camp registration will remain open until May 1, 2023.

Camp Registration

We've included everything you need to know about Camp Registration below.
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Cost for Campers (Grades 2 - 8)

We desire to make summer camp as affordable as possible so that every child has the opportunity to spend a week away in an outdoor setting for the purpose of learning about God through His Word. This year, we can offer discounts for families that register early, as well as families registering multiple children. Please note the cost breakdown below.

  • Register by January 31 and pay only $300 per camper*
  • Register from February 1 through March 31 and pay $325 per camper*
  • Register from April 1 through May 1 and pay $350 per camper*

Family Discount: Families will receive a $50 discount for each additional child you register. For example, a family that registers three children before January 31 will pay $800 total ($300 for the first child and $250 for each additional child).

*To complete your registration, you must submit the registration form and pay the $50 deposit (per camper). The price per camper will be determined based on the date that both of these steps are complete.

Cost for Seekers

The cost for Seekers (high school service team) is only $200. This program is already heavily discounted, so the cost for Seekers is fixed and will not “count” towards the multi-child discount. However, if a high school student participates on another summer trip, in addition to Seekers, he/she will receive a $50 multi-trip discount for Seekers.

Please note: Seekers registration will be handled separately from camper registration.

Camp Deposit

To complete the registration process, submit an initial, non-refundable deposit of $50 per camper to the church office. Please make the check out to “Grace Baptist Church” and write “Summer Camp 2023” on the memo line. Note: your registration will not be complete until you submit this deposit. The remaining payment will be due by May 15, 2023.

Camp Scholarships

As mentioned above, we want every child to have the opportunity to go to camp and do not want cost to be a determinative factor on whether or not someone can attend camp. Our church does offer financial assistance through Camp Scholarships for families who may need it. If you would like to receive information about Camp Scholarships, including how to apply for a scholarship, please check the box in the registration form.

Register for Camp!

If you have any questions about camp registration, please contact Pastor Josh.


Frequently Asked Questions

Day of Departure

We will depart for camp on Sunday, June 4. Registration is between 2:00 and 2:30pm in the Gym. Please unload your luggage by the church trailer. Parents are asked to be prepared to patiently wait in the registration line. You will first meet the registrar who will make sure all necessary forms and payment have been received. Next, you will be able to submit any medication for your child(ren) in ziploc bags labeled with the child’s name and accompanied by any directions for taking the medication. Finally, we will also collect any money you would like your child(ren) to have for the Pop Shop, camp’s snack and merchandise store, that will be open at various times throughout the week of camp. Once they are registered, parents and campers can say goodbye, and then campers will wait in the designated area until it is time to load the vehicles.

Check Out

Campers will need to be picked up around 3pm Thursday afternoon. Be sure your camper clearly understands who will be picking him/her up to go home. Please be prepared to provide a photo ID upon arrival at Grace. Parents and family will need to go to the Gym. They will be greeted by a staff member who will verify that at least one adult in your party has permission to pick up the camper (noted on the child’s registration form). Luggage will be lined up on the curb.

Early Dismissal

At registration, Grace must be given written notification signed by the camper’s parent or guardian authorizing an early dismissal of a camper. Please give the note to any of the camp registrars on Sunday afternoon. Parents may meet their camper in the main office on the day of early departure. Please be prepared to provide a photo ID. No discount is granted for early dismissal.

Paying For Camp

An initial, non-refundable deposit of $50 per camper is required in order to complete registration and qualify for early bird discounts. The remaining balance for each camper is due by May 15, 2023. Please pay via check(s) made out to Grace Baptist Church with “Summer Camp 2023” in the memo line

Medical Staff

At least one registered nurse is on duty at all times in or near Scioto’s nurse’s station during the summer camping season and “on-call” during the retreat season. A local doctor signs their standing orders so that they can administer a few common over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol for a headache or Neosporin for a cut. Because of the nature of camp, they provide first-aid type care only and cannot accommodate sick campers. In case of injury, or extreme homesickness, they will contact the parents/guardians to pick up their child and no refund will be granted. We, as a guest group, will also be bringing our own nurse as a volunteer to manage and administer medication to campers throughout the week. Please limit medications to only what is absolutely necessary for your child to attend camp.

Dress Code

Camp is very casual and very active.  Please make sure campers bring good close-toed shoes!  Also, girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit or an overlapping tankini; and please no short shorts.  Campers wearing revealing clothing will be asked to change. We recommend sending older clothes that may return home well-worn.

Extra Money

Extra spending money is needed to purchase snacks at the Pop Shop, to buy camp t-shirts (approximately $16) and or other various camp souvenirs ($2- $15), or to participate in crafts ($5-10). Please talk to your camper about how much money they will have for the week and about being a good steward of their money. We will be able to collect this money on Sunday when you drop off your child and manage it throughout the week. Any remaining balance will be returned to the camper at the end of the week.

Lost & Found Items

We recommend that all property be marked with the camper’s name (especially cameras). Please call the office if any items are missing once your camper returns home: 740-778-3279 Items are returned after parents contact the Main Office; if you would like items to be mailed to you, shipping fees must be covered at your expense before mailing. At the end of each summer, the lost items may be donated or sold at our annual yard sale to raise funds for our camp.

Camp Counselors

All of our cabins will be staffed by members of Grace Baptist Church who have completed our Child Protection Training Process and have been approved by the Council of Elders to serve in ministry with minors. If you are interested in learning more about potentially serving at camp, please email Pastor Josh.


There will be approximately 10 campers in a cabin with two adult camp counselors. Campers are under adult supervision 24 hours a day. On the registration form, you will have the opportunity to request particular roommates for each child. We will honor roommate requests to the best of our ability.


Parents are requested not to telephone campers except in an emergency.  The camp nurse will call the parent in the event of extreme homesickness, illness, or an accident.  As a general rule, they do not allow campers to have a cell phone. If you send a cell phone with your child(ren), please leave it in the Nurse’s Station upon arrival. Your child(ren) may call you from the Nurse’s Station. As an alternative to phoning your camper, please send your love through the mail (delivered daily) or purchase a special package through CamParent.

Visiting Camp

Due to our strict child protection policy, we do not allow parents or strangers to participate in the camp program during the week. Parents are encouraged to write to their children, check out the summer CamParent link, or send their children to shorter weekend camps during the winter.

While Your Child Is Away

Pray for your camper.  Prayer will make a significant impact in your child’s week of camp.  Pray for his/her counselor and the speaker for the week.  Pray for spiritual goals in relationship to your child’s needs, health, and safety.

When Your Child Comes Home

Ask about the week and listen to your camper.  Your interest in their week at camp is very important to them.  Help reinforce any decisions made during the week.  Help in highlighting the spiritual lessons they’ve learned.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about our upcoming Summer Camp, please contact Pastor Josh.